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These beautiful, warm snuggly blankets are the coziest you have ever seen! They are made of a fabric called anti-pill fleece that will never get those irritating little fuzz balls like regular fleece fabrics.They are sewn from two pieces of fleece for extra cushiness. Everybody who has one of these blankets says it's their favorite. You can choose from the ones displayed here or you can order one made especially for you. Most solid colors are available and there are also many prints. If you have a favorite design in mind (frogs, princesses, butterflies etc) I will try to accomodate you.

For even more fabulousness, these blankets can be personalized with a name and clean date, the name of your event or convention or just about anything you can think of! We love to do new things here and are inspired by the ideas we receive from our customers. Recently, we made a blanket for an NA member as a present for his fiancee. This couple first met when she said she needed a Basic Text in a meeting. He gave her a book that he happened to have. Today, that couple is engaged to be married, so we embroidered a Basic Text with his name and phone number in it on a blanket with her name and clean date in the center of the NA symbol. Another member had a blanket made for his girlfriend on which we embroidered her tatoos!!

The name and clean date is an added charge of $25.00. Additional items on blanket will be priced according to what is wanted.